These Caribbean Islands Have the Best Food

You thought the beaches were nice? Wait ‘til you try the food. These are the Caribbean islands with the most delicious food offerings, according to our discerning readers.
caribbean food

10. British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are “totally underrated,” according to our readers. The stunning archipelago, located in the Northeastern Caribbean, is not only home to picturesque beaches, but also “amazing food and divine drinks.” Tortola, in particular, boasts a “real, unspoiled, Caribbean flavor.” Don’t leave without trying the famous grilled lobster at the Lobster Trap in Anegada.

9. St. Martin

“The best food in the Caribbean,” one reader raves of the stunning island, while another promises that “the food alone is enough reason to go.” Here, you can feast on fare that’s “Caribbean with a French twist,” and some of the “freshest seafood” ever.

8. St. John

The dining on St. John is “wonderful” and “delicious,” according to our readers. They recommend paying a visit to Cruz Bay, which is home to many “outstanding” restaurants, bars, and food stands.

7. St. Lucia

“Fantastic food,” one of our readers rave of the beautiful island. “Best dining of all the Caribbean islands,” says another. (Though, we’d have to argue that with a view of those Pitons, most anything would taste good). Don’t miss the Friday night fish market and fish fry at Anse La Raye.
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6. Anguilla

You’ll find “the best food in the Caribbean on this island,” one of our readers raves, while another adds that “every restaurant is better than the next, from beach bar to swank. All fabulous!” Restaurants aside, some of the best food on the island can be found at street stalls, which sling everything from plantains to crayfish

5. Marie-Galante

Besides the sweeping fields of sugarcane and white sand beaches, the island of Marie-Galante—a 45 minute ferry ride from mainland Guadeloupe—offers the “perfect taste” of Créole cuisine. Expect lots of fresh, delicious seafood: grilled crabs, stuffed, smoked fish, shellfish, and fish curries.

4. Bermuda

“Love the people, food, and pink beaches,” our readers rave. Eat at Cambridge Beaches Resort’s Breezes restaurant for lunch, suggests one of our readers—though really, you can get “amazing seafood” anywhere on the tiny island. Don’t leave without stopping by MJ’s Raw Bar and ordering the Bermuda Triangle—grilled shrimp, scallops, and crab.

3. Grenadines

As if the “beautiful crystal waters and beaches” weren’t enough draw to visit the Grenadines, our readers add that the island’s food and general service is “simply excellent” and that “there’s nothing else like it.” Another reader added that the “friendly people and great local food made this a trip to remember.”

2. Nevis

“The people are amazing and the food is just terrific,” our readers say of the Caribbean’s greenest island. Expect to find cuisine that’s a fusion of African, European, and American, plus lots of local fruit like tamarind and mangoes. Our readers rave that good food is available “everywhere you turn.”

1. St. Barts

The Caribbean island with the best food, according to our readers, is St. Barts. It’s expensive, our readers warn, but the food is “world class” and the cafes and restaurants will make you feel like you’re “in the French Riviera.” Make sure to stop by La Gloriette restaurant, where “the setting and food is perfect.” We like Maya’s Restaurant, which is packed with celebrities over Christmas but delicious all year long.


SOURCE: Condé Nast Traveler




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