Would you pay $10,000 a night for this Sausalito hotel suite? We think it’s pretty tempting.

This Sausalito Hotel Has a $10k-a-Night Suite and Delivers Champagne By Drone


Enjoy extravagant comfort at Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa in Sausalito. Its new Alexandrite Suite—5,000 square feet of light and luxury with views of the harbor and the San Francisco skyline—is now available for $10,000 a night. But what a night you’ll have.

The suite is within the hotel’s aptly named Mansion. The former residence, built in 1885, reopened following renovations this spring with 11 guestrooms and suites, including the two-bedroom Alexandrite Suite with fitness room, office, and safe room. It is the Mansion’s crown jewel.

Sunset from the terrace, which has seating for 20.

The personal touches start with private check-in and continue with a dedicated concierge and chef. The best views are from the terrace, which is outfitted with a grill, bar, hot tub, and fireplace. If you get bored with the vista (or the fog rolls in), you can lounge fireside and watch anything on the nine-panel media wall. Want to see the sights? A Mercedes ML350 Bluetec with driver is ready and waiting.

Alexandrite Suite media wall.

Bonus for reserving the entire Mansion ($25,000 a night)? The fun of using a secret door that connects the Alexandrite Suite to the rest of the building, and the option of having champagne delivered by drone. That’s right: A custom-designed drone will fly onto the terrace with chilled bottles of bubbly.


View from the Suite’s Master Bedroom.
The open-plan living room and kitchen.





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