Flying Hotels: The Latest Luxuries in First Class Cabins

Flying Hotels: The Latest Luxuries in First Class Cabins


Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is the first and only commercial airline with the ability to take an adjacent suite and turn the space into a double bed.

Amenities: Gourmet menu and wine list, Givenchy tableware, 23-inch LCD screen (with video-on-demand), and turndown service.


Etihad Airways

Starting in December, Etihad Airways will offer “The Residence”—a completely private three-room suite with a closed-off bedroom, living room, and private bathroom.

Amenities: 32-inch flat screen TVs, shower, Egyptian cotton sheets, and a personal butler for the duration of the flight.


Air France

Clean, crisp and elegant, Air France’s La Premiere cabin features a private wardrobe and a thick adjustable curtain for extra privacy. There’s also a reclining ottoman, so guests from other parts of the cabin can visit you mid-flight.

Amenities: Bedside reading lamp, 24-inch touchscreen TV, and a seat that easily transforms into a bed.


Qantas Airlines

Qantas Airlines’ first class cabin blends a futuristic interior with luxurious details. Equipped with rotating seats that recline, you can sit upright facing the front of the plane one minute, then spin to the side and recline into a flat bed.

Amenities: Sheepskin-covered full-length beds, touchscreen LCD screens with 1,000 on-demand options, toiletry kits, and cotton pajamas.


All Nippon Airway

ANA’s First Square suite, inspired by Japan, maximizes organization and comfort, inviting you to hang your clothes and store your baggage and personal items with ease. You’ll also feel at ease yourself, as the mattresses disperse body pressure for added comfort.

Amenities: Teijin fiber comforters, “Angel Float” pillows, international satellite telephone, adjustable dining table, noise-canceling headphones, and 23-inch LCD widescreen TVs.



Emirates was the first airline to install first class cabins with sliding doors, making them one of the leaders in luxury travel, but the service is what truly makes this experience one of the best. The cabins are spacious and cozy, and the cabin crew converts your seat into a full bed with real mattress as part of their turndown service.

Amenities: Minibar, private vanity table with adjustable lighting, personal closet, access to onboard showers and spas, touchscreen TVs, and on-demand meal service.

SOURCE: Conde Nast Traveler



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